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At JSC Plastics & Construction Ltd, we understand that your house in Colchester is likely the biggest investment you will ever make. Whether you plan to sell soon or not, it’s always wise to try and grow the resale value of your property. When it comes to increasing your home’s market value, you have numerous options. Fortunately, our experienced team specialises in some of the most lucrative: home extensions, conservatories, orangeries, roof lanterns and garage conversions.


We take pride in our reputation as an extension, conservatory and orangery specialist for the Colchester area. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your project remains in safe hands from start to finish.


Come completion, you not only have a house with more living space and improved functionality, but a more valuable property investment too.


Why Our Services Make Great Investments


Home Extensions


Extensions have long been one of the most popular and lucrative forms of property investment. Even more so if you factor in conservatories and orangeries.


However, like garage conversions, you must consider the ceiling value of your Colchester neighbourhood to achieve a successful extension. You should also research how different extension types in your area have performed. For example, flat roofed extensions with roof lanterns perform better than those without.


In the medium- to long-term, well planned home extensions make ideal investments. While it’s impossible to put an exact figure on how much value an extension will add, certain statistics do help. According to Nationwide, a double bedroom with en suite has the potential for a 23% increase in value. Zopa discovered that the average return on investing in home extensions was 71%.


Conservatories and Orangeries


As a conservatory and orangery specialist, we build these additions to the highest specifications. The same is true of all our projects, from garage conversions to extensions. Due to their large amounts of glazing and roof lanterns, these additional living spaces create a warm, cosy environment year-round. This holds huge appeal with most prospective buyers in and around Colchester.


When acting as a segue between the interior and exterior, conservatories and orangeries often make the difference in finalising a sale.

Like any reputable conservatory and orangery specialist, we make it clear that added value depends on multiple factors. In order to maximise resale value, homeowners need to use innovative glazing in the roof or roof lanterns, achieve a balance between house and garden and, where possible, choose a bespoke option that complements the existing home.


Generally speaking, conservatories and orangeries increase resale value by at least 5%.


Garage Conversions


If you live in an area of Colchester with ample off-road parking, converting your garage offers a lucrative opportunity for investment. Again, like home extensions, conservatories and orangeries (complete with roof lanterns), exactly how much your own conversion adds to the overall market value can vary.


But estimates suggest creating a bedroom with en suite facilities increases the worth of an average home by approximately 20%. Another popular option, a playroom, adds around 10%.


Garage conversions have the added benefit of not eating into garden space. As gardens remain a highly appealing feature for buyers, this can also help to sway a decision.


As experts in property improvement work, including a reputation as orangery specialists, you can rely on JSC Plastics & Construction to make your home an even better investment.


Call 01255 442 310, 01473 353 140 or 07947 305 564 to discuss garage conversions or any of our other services in Colchester. We are property improvement and orangery specialists.

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