From Conservatories to Home Extensions in Ipswich | Popular Uses for New Living Space


As time-served specialists with more than four decades of trade and industry experience, the team at JSC Plastics & Construction understands the appeal of adding new living space to a home. From conservatories to home extensions, and from garage conversions to orangeries complete with roof lanterns, the manner in which you add square-footage depends on personal taste and the size of your budget. Of equal importance to the structure itself is how our customers in Ipswich intend to use their new space. Having a clear vision for the new room allows us to create designs as early as possible, ensuring a smoother, more efficient project overall.


Like any extension, conservatory and orangery specialist, we recognise that finalising a complete design for a room holds certain challenges in itself. In order to get the inspiration flowing, we have outlined below some of the most popular uses for new living spaces.


Garage Conversions

By their nature, garage conversions in Ipswich and beyond create smaller rooms ideal for comfortable, cosy spaces. Following the introduction of hygge to our culture, snugs, relaxation rooms and comfortable home cinemas have become popular choices.


More traditional garage conversions include home offices to accommodate for the rise of working at home, kitchen-diner hybrids, utility rooms, playrooms, home gyms and, of course, the ever popular extra bedroom.



One of the key features of conservatories is their ability to link the interior of a home to the garden. As such, a large amount of our Ipswich customers favour a garden room theme for their conservatories. This tends to include wicker furniture and a wide selection of plant life.


Other choices for conservatories include living rooms that make the most of the natural light, a breakfast room to charge your positivity for the day ahead, a dining room extension, games rooms for all ages and even a bar for the adults. Due to their versatility, conservatories offer an impressive array of choices.



As your orangery specialist of choice, we help to create stunning rooms rich in natural light thanks to the installation of roof lanterns. Two of the most popular uses for orangeries include dining rooms and kitchens. Orangeries are already showstopping features, so it makes perfect sense to make them the hub of your home.


Orangeries also make ideal quiet zones to escape from a busy day, or a busy house. From grown-up only zones to study areas, orangeries make ideal secluded spots. Conversely, the bright and airy nature created by roof lanterns also make ideal spaces to let the kids run wild. When complete by an orangery specialist, the choices are endless.


Home Extensions

Unlike garage conversions, conservatories or orangeries with roof lanterns, home extensions tend to follow a more obvious, traditional line of inspiration. The most frequent uses for home extensions include:


• New Bedrooms

• New Bathrooms

• Extended Kitchens

• Extended Living Room

• Home Gym

• Home Office


Due to the size of the investment required, our customers in Ipswich and the surrounding areas prefer home extensions that work for the entire household, but that doesn’t mean the space inside becomes any less dazzling.


If you would like to talk with an extension, conservatory and orangery specialist in the Ipswich area, call 01255 442 310, 01473 353 140 or 07947 305 564.

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